Saturday, 25 July 2015

The Evans Trilogy has had a make over

After much deliberation over the results of the Rom Com Reader Survey, I've decided to take the huge step of re-doing my book covers to see where they takes me.

The survey revealed that over 81% of respondents prefer photographic covers to illustrated covers. This might surprise some of you, but if you put it in the context of 85.7% of the respondents being US-based it begins to make sense. It's well known in the publishing industry that US audiences prefer photographs on their book jackets.

I love, love, love my illustrated covers. They were done by an old and good friend of mine, who blew me away by his ability to capture the essence of the books before he'd even read them. I loved the way he made them fit together, a beautiful and very personal set.

Despite how much I love them, the survey results were haunting me. So much so, I bit the bullet and decided to have a go at photographic covers. I chose a group called Design for Writers, based on covers they've done that I already adore. They were so fantastic to work with. I may have driven them mad with links explaining what I do and don't like in a photographic cover, but they certainly never let on.

The end result is below. I think they're magnificent. Just like my friend Cam before them, they've captured the essence of the books in these images. I can just image Charlotte, Emily and Annie walking off these covers.

What do you think? Do they do the books justice?

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